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Top Reasons Why Cleaning Your Hot Tub is Important

Woman cleaning her hot tub.

Do you own a hot tub?

If so, you’re one of the lucky ones! You have a tranquil place where you, your friends and family can lounge, relax and unwind in the soothing hot water. For these benefits and so many more, it’s extremely important that you keep your hot tub clean. Regular maintenance stretches from draining it every three to four months and cleaning the interior, to scrubbing your hot tub cover, adding the right chemicals on a regular basis, and more. Once you get into the habit of cleaning your hot tub, it truly becomes a total breeze.

Here’s why it’s so important to keep your hot tub clean and how you can go about doing it.

The More You Use It, The Dirtier It Gets

If you only use your hot tub once every couple weeks, chances are the water will take a little longer to become dirty, compared to a spa that’s used a couple times a week by multiple people. If your hot tub is of high use, you should be cleaning and inspecting it on a weekly basis.

Here’s why:

Once a user exits the spa, chances are they are going to leave some impurities behind. This includes makeup, lotion, laundry soap, sweat, dirt, and oil, to name a few.

This can turn your hot tub into a breeding ground for harmful bacteria. The only way to prevent this is by periodically draining your hot tub, cleaning it manually, and having bathers have a quick shower to rinse off most of the dirt, oil, and everything else before they hop in.

How Do Cleaning Products Help?

The use of hot tub chemicals and cleaning products will eliminate and prevent the build-up of bacteria, mold, and other harmful impurities. If you aren’t sure which products your hot tub requires or how to use them, feel free to get in touch with our team of experts at Olympic Pools & Spas in Houston. Our team can help you find the right products – at the right prices.

Back to administering the chemicals. You’ll want to make sure that your hot tub chemicals are in the right proportion, to help maintain the right pH levels and kill off harmful bacteria. If you add too much of one chemical, it will still kill off the harmful bacteria, but can itself become a source of skin irritation.

In order to avoid this, you want to follow the instructions on your water treatment products as precisely as possible. For more information about cleaning your hot tub, take a look at this article!

Skin Irritations

Spending time in a hot tub that hasn’t been cleaned isn’t the most sanitary. The dirty water can lead to eye and skin irritations, bacterial infections, and even upset your stomach if accidentally ingested.

For example, hot tub rash.

Hot tub rash, also referred to as hot tub folliculitis, is a skin irritation that is most commonly caused by the improper use of hot tub cleaning products and unsanitary water. It appears as little red bumps that cause discomfort.

Although uncomfortable, if treated by a physician it is completely curable and doesn’t post a significant risk to your long-term health. But, it is a great example of what can happen if you don’t clean your hot tub regularly.

Shower Before and After

Many people aren’t conscious of showering before entering a hot tub in their own home. This is a big mistake. You risk contaminating the water with debris if you don’t shower before entering your hot tub. These impurities can compromise the cleanliness of your spa. So, to keep your hot tub clean, make sure every user showers before entering it.

Hot Tubs in Houston

Keeping your hot tub clean and in the best condition is only a phone call or car ride away. Regardless if you’re looking for top-quality hot tub cleaning products or to schedule a hot tub service appointment, our experts can help. Give Olympic Pools & Spas a call today at 1(713) 782-6776 or visit our Houston hot tub store at 8400 Westglen to get started.

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