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5 Ways to Reduce Stress & Feel Amazing Right Now

Woman stretching in her backyard by the pool.

We live in a world where stress has become an inevitable part of our lives. However, it’s not something that one has to live with forever. There are some minor steps that one can take in order to be stress-free, reduce feelings of being overwhelmed, and live an enhanced quality of life overall. Our experts at Olympic Pools & Spas have gathered some of our favorite stress-relieving tips and tricks that will hopefully help you relieve some tension and feel better, both mentally and physically.

1. Nature

This is something that everyone should aim to do when they have some spare time and are starting to feel stressed. If you’re feeling overwhelmed, try going for a walk outdoors. The park, beach, hiking trails or even your local neighborhood all make great spots to get outside and enjoy the fresh air. Simply feel the wind and sound of the trees and allow it to help you relax. We bet it will make you feel much better than before.

Taking a break from your daily worries and responsibilities to spend some time outside with the sun shining down on your face might be exactly what you need to rest and rejuvenate.

2. Exercise

Picture this:

You’ve had a long day at work. Traffic was awful, your shoulders feel tight, you forgot your lunch at home, and to top it off, you had to work late. By the time you get home, you feel sluggish, overwhelmed and in a negative mindset. What can you possibly do to turn things around and end your day on a good note?

Exercise. There are so many amazing benefits of exercising on a regular basis, with one of them being stress relief. Channel all of your built-up frustration and stress from the day into an all-or-nothing run, hit the weights, stretch it out, and even add some yoga moves into your cool down.

Exercise can help improve your circulation and the natural production of many stress-relieving endorphins. So, not only will it help you work out your stress and frustration physically, but mentally too.

3. Family Time

So, this is where you have to open up yourself. After a hectic day at work, try talking to your family members. Spend some quality time with your kids, playing in the yard or reading books together. Have a coffee or drink with your significant other and talk about what’s stressing you out. Or even take an hour or two and visit your parents or siblings.

You might be surprised what a little quality time with the ones you love can do for your happiness and quality of life.

4. Massage

Thinking of adding a massage chair to your living room?

We don’t blame you. Relaxing in a massage chair doesn’t just feel good in the moment. It can help reduce tension and work out stress held in your neck, shoulders, upper back, and lower back. Chances are, you’ll feel the lasting effects of your massage long after you’ve exited the chair.

It all starts with the press of a button. You can curl up with a soft blanket, good book, and cup of tea, while your body enters a state of pure relaxation and your massage chair does all the work.

5. Water Therapy

Did you know that relaxing in the water can help reduce stress?

Regardless if you own a hot tub or a swimming pool, going for a dip can provide you with some time to relax by yourself and process the events of the day. The heat of the water inside your hot tub combined with the buoyancy and massage is known as a popular water-based therapeutic technique called hydrotherapy. Hydrotherapy is widely used to help ease aches and pains, boost healing during a recovery period, help improve sleep, and of course, reduce stress, among many others. As you immerse your body into the heat of the jet-driven water, you’ll know exactly what we’re talking about. You can virtually feel as the stress melts away from your body.

For more information about our wide selection of hot tubs for sale, contact our experts at Olympic Pools & Spas in Houston today. We can help you find the right hot tub for your lifestyle and incorporate it into your backyard, so you can focus on relieving stress and living a happier lifestyle, while we do all the rest.

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