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5 Signs it’s Time to Replaster Your Swimming Pool

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Having a swimming pool makes everyone look forward to an enjoyable poolside get together at your place during the summer. You can even go in for a dip whenever you feel like it! However, having a pool also means you need to understand the importance of keeping it clean and pool repair, specifically pool replastering. 

Having your pool replastered is essential to prevent it from damage and ensure it continues to last for many years to come. Olympic Pools and Spas offers a range of pool-centric services, including replastering and repair, if you are looking for an experienced and reliable company to take care of your swimming area. But first, let’s take a closer look at some of the signs that your pool needs to be replastered.

5 Signs to Look for

You need to look for certain signs which will tell you that it’s time to consider some degree of surface pool repair. Keeping your pool in good condition is vital if you wish to continue enjoying your daily dips. No one likes to do laps around a broken or unkempt pool, let alone gather around it for a party.

1. Stains on Surface

Surface stains let you know it is time to repair your pool. Such stains discolor the pool, and you are likely to notice a crystal deposit or even a bluish gray color. These topical stains tend to stick to the plaster of the pool.

Though you can wash or scrub away certain stains with pool cleaning products, severe stains require professional help as in some cases replastering is the only option.

2. Rough Surface

Chemicals in the pool water can eat away at the plaster over time, leading to the floor and the sides of the pool becoming rough. Such roughness can feel like sandpaper (in texture) and lead to injuries such as cuts on the feet and arms when you’re inside the pool.

Cleaning the pool with high-quality pool products recommended by your local expert can help enhance the quality of the pool surface, but unfortunately, this only serves as a temporary fix. Replastering might be your best long-term solution.

3. Plaster Flaking or Peeling

One of the biggest giveaways that your pool needs to be replastered is the appearance of flaking or peeling plaster. When plaster along the floor or the steps of your pool begins to peel, it’s known as spalling, which usually occurs due to low calcium levels or low pH of the water.

If the plaster in your pool is peeling or flaking, hiring a professional, like Olympic Pools and Spas, might be your best bet to bring your pool back to life.

4. Appearance of Cracks

Cracks in the pool can also occur. They usually look like the thin cracks you see on eggs shells. If you don’t deal with these cracks in a timely manner, they can take away from the appeal of your pool. Unfortunately, you can’t completely get rid of these cracks. Your best solution is to simply have your pool replastered and have it look and feel brand new!

Some cracks might even cause leaks. So, calling the services of a reliable company is a must to handle such an issue.

5. Discoloration of Plaster

Your pool is going to lose its color with time due to being bleached out. Discoloration tends to be quite prominent near the pool’s top steps, since they aren’t as submerged in the water and the sun can easily reach them. Due to discolored plaster being irreparable, you will need to replaster the pool to make it look great again.

Why Olympic Pools and Spas?

With more than 40 years of pool renovations and repair experience, Olympic Pools and Spas has a team of experts that will analyze your pool and come up with the best, most cost-effective solutions.

Contact Olympic Pools and Spas today and let’s work to get your swimming pool looking the best it can. You can call now at 713-782-6776 or even schedule online to have the team evaluate your pool. With Olympic Pools and Spas, you get the help you require from a service you will always trust.

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