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5 Backyard Improvements to Make This Spring

Beautiful in-ground pool installation.

When spring has officially arrived, you might be motivated to upgrade your backyard. The cooler temperatures may have damaged some of your landscape or maybe you just feel like it’s time for a change. Whatever the reason, once the sun is shining and flowers are blooming, there is no better time to give your backyard an extreme makeover.

Our backyard living experts at Olympic Pools & Spas have gathered some of the most effective improvements that you can make to your backyard this spring.

Hot Tub Installation

Nowadays, you can find the perfect hot tub for you and your family in a few simple steps. An outdoor hot tub installation provides a great way to rid yourself of stress and help your body relax at the end of the day.

Not only is it quite simple to find the right hot tub, but including one in your backyard is easier than ever before. Once your hot tub has been delivered and you’ve decided on an in-ground, above-ground or half-in-half-out installation, the renovations can begin.

Once your hot tub has been installed and is ready to go, you can accessorize and personalize as you see fit. From outdoor furniture and additional seating areas, to flower gardens, walkways, and everything in between, you can create a space that truly caters to your every need.

Swimming Pool Installation

If you have a larger space in your backyard, why not upgrade it with a beautiful pool installation?

Complete with water features, outdoor seating, and beautiful exterior illumination, your outdoor swimming pool installation can completely transform the way your backyard is used. On the other hand, if you already own a pool, this might be the perfect opportunity to give it the revamp it truly deserves. At Olympic Pools & Spas, we have a wide variety of backyard renovations and pool upgrade services available in Houston, Texas.

Water Features

Have an appreciation for beautiful water fountains?

Well, there are many creative ways to install one in your backyard. Varying styles of fountains can be installed depending on the size of your backyard, specific design, and theme, among other factors. Flowers and lighting added with the fountain can give the perfect aesthetic vibe.

Herb, Flower or Vegetable Garden

Many people have a love for home-grown vegetables, flowers, and herbs. You will particularly enjoy an herb or vegetable garden in your backyard if you indulge in cooking. A vegetable garden can be easily installed if you have ample space. Otherwise, herbs can be grown within a container garden. You may need to get yourself acquainted with garden basics and seasonal vegetables.

On the other hand, there are so many different flowers that can be included in just about any backyard. Depending on where you live and the atmosphere of your backyard, you should put some thought into the flowers you include.

Some of the best flowers to plant in Houston include:

  • Daylily
  • Delphinium
  • Crinum Lily
  • Creeping Phlox
  • Firebush
  • Foxglove
  • Garden Mum

What flowers will you include in your backyard?

Invest in Outdoor Furniture

Bring up the design value of your backyard by adding high-quality outdoor furniture. This not only adds to the functionality of your backyard, but the aesthetic too. You can invite friends and family over for social gatherings or even a simple get-together.

Invest in furniture that compliments the overall look and feel of your backyard. If your backyard is more geared toward hosting a larger group of people, adding little clusters of seating arrangements and even a large fire pit area might be your best bet. On the other hand, if your backyard is customized for rest and relaxation, a trickling water fountain and porch swing might be what’s best for you!

Backyard Leisure in Houston

There are plenty of other ideas that can help transform your backyard into one of the best views around this spring. Use big ideas like installing a hot tub or swimming pool to begin, then work your way to the finishing touches with exterior lighting, flowers, and furniture.

For more information to help you upgrade your backyard, get in touch with our experts at Olympic Pools and Spas in Houston today.

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