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Why Should You Get a Hot Tub?

Posted by on July 13, 2016

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You may be asking yourself: Why should I get a hot tub? What’s so great about them? Or you could be renovating and wondering what to do with your backyard. A Jacuzzi Hot Tub or a Sundance Spa would be a great addition to your home! Whether it be in an open area outside or under a covered patio, many customers love their spas, but why?

Hot tubs are useful for many different reasons. If you have muscle and joint pains, I would suggest getting a hot tub. The hot water from the spa helps increase circulation and relax muscles giving you blood flow deep into what are usually tense muscles. When you sit in a hot tub, the buoyancy of the water takes all the weight off your major joints like your ankles, knees, and hips.

Sometimes, just sitting in hot water isn’t enough for the stressful lives we all have. That’s why Jacuzzi and Sundance have strategic jet placements in their spas. Every seat is different! One could be designed to give an upper/lower back massage; one seat gives a rifling type of massage, and one even gives you a Swedish type of massage by the water flow pulsating! Some of our spas even have a one of a kind seat that has a diverter, which allows you to put all the pressure of one pump to your seat on your upper back, lower back, or both!

Though spas have several health benefits, they also come with some awesome social benefits. Imagine inviting your friends for a social gathering in your hot tub. Most of our spas have the option of having a speaker system on them, so get those tunes cranking with your friends. The best part is, our newer models connect through Bluetooth, so you can take turns taking control of the music you guys listen to. If you’re not a big people person, but you have kids or close relatives, a hot tub can be a great family gathering spot. Yes, hot tubs are safe for kids! Our spas have a UV clear ray bulb installed that kills 99% of bacteria and a little pack that naturally sanitizes the water with natural metals like copper and silver. That means you can go chlorine and bromine free! No more smelly chemicals!

If this hasn’t convinced you to buy a spa, consider all the money you’ll be saving from countless visits to the chiropractors’ and massage therapists’ offices. That can all be a thing of the past with a spa in the back yard. It’s like having your own massage therapist without the cost of one for every visit to your spa. Hot tubs are great at relieving pain and increasing circulation, but they’re also great for social gathering and spending time with your family. A Jacuzzi Hot Tub or Sundance Spa will make a great addition to your home, so what are you waiting for? Start shopping!