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What's So Special About a Hot Tub?

Posted by admin on May 25, 2016

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Have you ever come home with a back ache, head ache or neck pain? How about just overall stress? We’ve all been there one day or another, but we don’t have to be. Did you know hot tubs can help with all of that? Here at Olympic Pools & Spas, we sell Jacuzzi Hot Tubs and Sundance Spas! These spas are specifically designed to help improve aches, pains, blood circulation, and it even recovers damaged tissue.

The heat in a hot tub increases the blood circulation in the body. It also causes your blood vessels to dilate, which lowers your blood pressure within the first 20-30 minutes of just sitting in your spa! It doesn’t just stop there. Usually, your body tries to reduce its body heat by bringing heat to the surface of the body, but a hot tub stay hot all the time. Our spas are very efficient, too, so it’ll regulate itself to stay at the temperature you want at all times! The heat warms the blood, so when it circulates through the body, it goes deep into the muscles at a warmer temperature than normal. Also, when the body’s temperature goes up, the central nervous system is muted. Instead of dealing with pain in nerve endings, it worries more about the heat gain. This causes temporary pain relief! Lower blood pressure, a deep and therapeutic massage, and pain relief! You can’t go wrong!

Almost everyone suffers from back pain, but have you ever thought about why? Our back is filled with vertebrae that carries our weight and flexes with us every day! Other joints in our body also take on a lot of our weight and/or have to do tons of moving as well. Just think about your lower back, your hips, your knees, your ankles, and feet! In a hot tub, the water takes on 90% of your body weight. You’re practically floating on air! It takes the pressure off your joints and, of course, your back too! Who doesn’t like the weightlessness of water?

Of course you can get those two benefits from just any spa, but if you’re looking for a deep down massage, look no further than Sundance Spas and Jacuzzi Hot Tubs! Our spas have been modified to not have moving parts in their jets. In other words, the jets are designed to give a certain type of massage just by the way they’re designed! You don't have to worry about the jets getting clogged or coming loose. Some jets give a “chopping” massage kind of like a Swedish massage, some give a penetrating deep tissue massage, some give you a spinning type of massage. Another cool fact about our massaging jets is: each seat gives you a different type of massage designated for specific jets! One seat might be good for shoulder pain, one for severe back pain, one for lower back pain, one for a neck massage, etc. We even have jets for foot pain! Who needs to go to the chiropractor or massage therapist to spend countless money and have to worry about clearing your schedule only to have to go back within a week or two?! This is like a personal massage you can get whenever it’s convenient for you, and it’s as easy as stepping out your back door!

Don’t waste your time! You know that the pain you’ve been living in isn’t worth the hassle. Come by our store and have a look at our great spa collection, today! Feel free to even bring your swim suit to get in some if you’d like to do that as well. It may sound silly, but you won’t regret it! Make sure the spa you want will give you the massage you need!