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Survey Reveals The Benefits Of Owning A Hot Tub

Posted by on February 10, 2016

Survey1.jpgRecently a survey was taken that shed some light on the differing perceptions people tend to have about hot tubs. Some interesting facts were revealed as a result of this survey. In fact, it uncovered a big difference between non-owners’ perception of spas and the real benefits that hot tub owners take advantage of almost on a daily basis. Those that do not currently own a hot tub did not realize all of the benefits it can provide to a household. The survey had some of the following highlights:
Non-owners revealed that they thought that those who owned a hot tub used them only during the weekend or after work. However, the survey revealed that owners actually used them mostly right before bed. The owners also used them in the morning time before they get ready for their workday. Non-owners also were surprised to find that hot tub owners use their hot tub, at least, four times a week. Some even use it every day.
About two-thirds of those who do not own a hot tub said that the main reason owners purchased their spa was for relaxation and stress relief. Meanwhile, owners noticed not only being more relaxed and less stressed but also a better ability to sleep. Another added benefit not realized by non-owners was improved recuperation from an injury. Half of the owners but only one-third of non-owners listed improved recovery from exercise.
The most shocking difference captured by the survey was that owners actually used their hot tub with family more than expected by non-owners. 42 percent of owners revealed that they use their hot tub in order to spend time with their family. Owners also stated that they use their hot tub to socialize with their spouse. Other owners stated on the survey that they used it for personal alone time or meditation.
Finally, the survey revealed that over 30 percent of owners felt that the purchase of their hot tub was a good investment. Non-owners only said that very few of the owners would actually admit that it was a good investment. This goes to show that purchasing a hot tub can, in fact, be a very good investment; especially if you suffer from stress, sleep issues, injuries or lack of family time.
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